Released in September 2016 on the album 'Work Of Heart', the emotional song 'Dancing In The Sky' was originally posted on Facebook by Vancouver twins Danielle and Elizabeth Nelson.  Having written the song after a friend passed away, the twins dedicated it to all the loved ones they had lost and, after receiving five hundred views in one day, 'Dancing In The Sky' was uploaded to YouTube where it went on to reach viral status.  As of today, the video of Lizzy singing has had over twenty three million views and counting.  

Professionally known as Dani and Lizzy, the twins first began making music in their teens, rapping and break dancing with a local hip hop crew, before the success of their video found them signed to 604 Records in 2015.  Their debut album, 'Work Of Heart' consisted of an eclectic mix of pop, hip hop, throwback soul and R&B tracks.

This version of 'Dancing In The Sky', beautifully performed by Annabel, perfectly captures the raw emotion of the message within the song.


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